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Paul Panda Farnana, a forgotten life


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The comic strip Paul Panda Farnana, a forgotten life includes the work of 4 Congolese cartoonists from the Kinshasa association BD Kin Label Asimba Bathy, Djemba Djeis, Yann Kumbozi and Dody Lobela. Antoine Tshitungu Kongolo conceived the historical framework and the original script. Their talents have been brought together to illustrate the life of an exceptional man.

The story of Paul Panda Farnana begins in the Congo at the end of the 19th century. It is the story of a Congolese child whose fate brought him to Europe at the age of 7. Pampered by a Belgian family, he grew up in Brussels around a piano, studying horticulture and perfecting his knowledge of tropical plants. As a young adult, the Belgian government sent him on a mission to the land of his ancestors, where he discovered the realities of colonial servitude. When the First World War broke out, he enlisted and was taken prisoner by the Germans. What followed was a painful captivity for this brilliant intellectual whose social battles and humanist demands would become legendary.

The plates are complemented by a chronology, extracts from Paul Panda Farnana's speeches and writings, and a contextualising text by André Lye Yoka.

Presentation of the authors

Asimba Bathy Born in 1956 in Watsa, Asimba grew up in Kinshasa, where he studied advertising at the Académie des Beaux-Arts. In 2007, he founded the BD Kin Label association, where he coordinates several comic magazines and collective albums, including Congo 50. In 2014, he published Panic in Kinshasahis first solo album.

Djemba Djeis Born in 1960 in Kinshasa, Djemba published his first drawings at the age of 17. A cartoonist for JournalA founding member of BD Kin Label, he has taken part in a number of collective albums and has written a number of works for the Kimbanguist Church.

Yann Kumbozi Born in 1988, Yann is an illustrator and a member of BD Kin Label and Optimum Agence. During his studies at the Académie des Beaux-Arts, he published short stories such as storybordeur. In 2012, he was hired by B3 matrix, an animation studio.

Dody Lobela Born in 1974 and living in Kisangani, Doddy publishes in Kin Label magazine. He took part in the collective album Comic strips tell the story of Africa and regularly produces educational boards to raise awareness.

Antoine Tshitungu Kongolo Born in Lubumbashi in 1957, Antoine is a writer, poet, researcher, short-story writer and essayist. He has won a number of literary awards, including the Pablo Neruda-Gabriela Mistral Prize in 1985 and 1986. A professor at the University of Lubumbashi, he has written several books designed to raise awareness of Africa and its literature.

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Technical data

The edition is available in two languages (French and Dutch)
Publisher: Africalia asbl, in partnership with the association BD Kin Label
Publication date: December 2014
ISBN : 978-29-6015-670-6

Comic book format: 312 x 230 mm
Colour printing
135g paper / glossy paper
Number of pages: 60 pp. (40 plates to which must be added 20 pages corresponding to: title page, preface, chronology, words and writings of Paul Panda Farnana, colophonsponsoring...)

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Weight 515 g

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