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Call for proposals 2024- Belgium programme

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Africalia's Belgium programme aims to support, accompany and encourage decolonisation processes in art and culture with a view to promoting a plural and inclusive society. The programme focuses on a number of decolonial issues in the sector, in particular highlighting creations, imaginaries and narratives that take as their starting point the point of view of the diasporas of Sub-Saharan Africa and their experiences.  

In order to encourage citizens to become agents of change, the organisation wants to call on artists from all disciplines who want to get involved in this process. The artistic proposals selected are intended to become tools for raising awareness of the role of the arts and culture in tackling global issues in a creative and artistic way. Here, as everywhere else, creativity is fertile ground for imagination, liberation and the reinvention of our societies. 


In 2013, the United Nations General Assembly declared the International Decade for People of African Descent in its resolution A/RES/68/237. The stated aim was, in connection with the Durban Declaration and Programme of Action and the International Day for People of African Descent observed in 2011, to provide "a solid framework for the United Nations, Member States, civil society and relevant stakeholders to join forces with people of African descent and take concrete measures for the implementation of the programme of activities in a spirit of recognition, justice and development". The Decade will end on 31 December 2024.

Although few actions were implemented in Belgium during the Decade, the issues raised by the Decade are not absent in Belgium. In particular, one of the three focuses of the Decade was the question of recognition. The United Nations is encouraging us to promote greater knowledge and respect for the heritage, culture and contribution of people of African descent to the development of our societies. In a society where racism is endemic, it is more than essential to raise awareness of the history, experiences and achievements, both individual and collective, of people of African descent in Belgium.  

That is why this year we are inviting artists and project promoters to look at the contributions of people of African descent to Belgian society. Proposals are free to focus on any of the very wide range of fields from which people of African descent have contributed, and continue to contribute, to the development of Belgian society (the artistic, political, academic and scientific, professional, cultural, social fields, etc.). 


To submit a proposal, send your complete application by e-mail to before 18 March 2024 at 23:59. 

A complete application includes:

  • The correctly completed application form. - see attached form.  
  • The detailed curriculum vitae of the persons submitting the application.  
  • A bank statement from the project organisation clearly indicating the following details: account number, account holder, bank name, bank address and SWIFT or BIC code. Only bank statements from legal entities are eligible.  
  • A copy of the official publication of the association's articles of association.     
  • A timetable: When and where will the proposed project take place? When and how will it be disseminated?  
  • Detailed budget - see attached outline.  
  • Detailed presentation of the proposal specifying the specific objectives (what is to be achieved, why, how, by whom and for whom), the planned activities (mention for each activity the description, the programme, the target audiences and the means used to disseminate the project to these audiences, the partnerships, the conditions and particularities, the expected results and the follow-up) and a description showing precisely how the proposal will implement one or more of the priorities listed in point 3 and will be an interpretation of the theme presented in point 2. Free format.   
  • In the subject line of your e-mail, write: "Call for Proposals 2024 - Application". 

Incomplete applications and applications sent after the deadline will not be examined. No reminder will be sent for incomplete applications. 

For more information on the application process, please contact download the following documents: 

Application form (download document)

2024 call for proposals: guidelines (download document) 

List of ineligible expenses (download document) 

Detailed budget (download document)

If you have any questions about the call for proposals and/or the application form, please contact us by e-mail at 

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