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Culture is the
and purpose
of human development.

Creativity is life.

Culture and creativity are essential components for sustainable human development and are key drivers of the African continent’s future economy.

AFRICALIA actively implements this vision by empowering creative people and organisations, fostering collaboration, supporting growth and connecting them to a wider network.

Through these efforts, AFRICALIA is dedicated to showcasing the transformative power of culture and creativity to drive economic innovation and social progress across Africa.

Creativity inspires collaboration

AFRICALIA works hand in hand with various African, Belgian, and European organizations to reach its objective. In Africa, we implement work programs that are closely tied to the cultural fabric of each country's civil society.

Creativity inspires action

AFRICALIA works with some fifteen organisations and networks in 7 sub-Saharan African countries. Our partners are active in various creative sectors: audiovisual, performing arts, literature and visual arts. Each partnership is based on mutual respect and long-term, sustainable collaboration. Read more on our blog.

Creativity in your hands

AFRICALIA co-produces books and documentaries that highlight African contemporary cultural expressions. Africa is crossed by cultural movements that give the continent a strong identity and creators need to exchange and to gather to nurture this diversity.

Key figures

In 2022, Africalia's support will focus on cultural employment, training, access and participation for all in cultural life in 8 partner countries.

Number of people reached by partner activities.
Number of certified people trained during the year.
Annual number of cultural players from each country incubated by the partners


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