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Congo 50


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The comic book album Congo 50 includes the work of 8 Congolese comic artists from the BD Kin Label association, whose talents have been brought together to celebrate the first fifty years of independence of their country, the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Aimed at a broad public, especially young people, this album is an opportunity to evoke the fifty years of Congo's independence through a dynamic narrative divided into 8 parts, each comprising 6 pages. The reader is introduced to this half-century through the events that confront the main characters who form the common thread running through the overall story, in particular the twins Dipanda and Lipanda, a boy and a girl, baptised on 30 June 1960, the very day that national independence was proclaimed.

The 8 cartoonists The authors chosen for this album are members of the Association kinoise BD Kin Label and belong to different artistic generations: Asimba Bathy (for the first story, Indépendance Chacha) - Cara Bulaya (for the story entitled La longue marche) - Jules Baisolé (for the story entitled Boum Yé !) - Didier Kawende (for the story entitled Kin La Belle) - Fati Kabuika (for the story entitled Les affaires) - Djemba Djeis (for the story entitled Dans les camps) - Tetshim (for the story entitled Retour à Lubumbashi) - Jason Kibiswa (for the story at the end of the album Bâtir l'avenir)

The history is complemented by two chronologies, one political and the other cultural, as well as a description of the evolution of the country's different flags as a result of the changes in power in the Congo. In this way, the comic is an educational tool, while remaining accessible to the general public and young people in particular.

The script

The main thread running through the album is the twins Dipanda and Lipanda (and their parents in the first three episodes).
Traditional baptism of twins in a middle-class family living in one of Kinshasa's working-class neighbourhoods celebrating the proclamation of Congo's independence.
We follow the events over the course of time, divided into eight parts over fifty years, through the evolution of the boy and girl, witnesses at the beginning, then actors confronted with the more or less violent events that have punctuated the social and political history of their country. As they grow older, they find themselves separated for various family, social, economic and political reasons in different parts of Congo-Zaïre.
All this historical and social material forms the backdrop for eight scenarios, cut and drawn in different graphic styles but adapted to the themes, at the end of the scriptwriting workshop and in the course of precise monitoring of the production of the pencilled, inked and coloured plates by the eight comic strip artists. The artists were carefully chosen for their talent and speed of execution.
In the last story, the twins meet up as a family in Kinshasa to celebrate their 50th birthday with their children and grandchildren. At the same time, they are celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of independence, setting the new Democratic Republic of Congo on the road to the participatory democracy to which the people have aspired for so many years...
Alain Brezault Scriptwriting coordinator

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Technical data

The edition is available in two languages (French and Dutch)
Comic book format: 295 x 220 mm
Colour printing
135g paper / glossy paper
Number of pages: 56 pp
Publisher: Africalia - Roularta Books
ISBN: 978-90-8679-346-4

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