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Integrity charter


1. As an organisation dedicated to culture and creativity, Africalia places creators and artists at the heart of its action. Africalia undertakes to assert the rights specific to the exercise of their profession and to contribute to the fight for the protection of their professional, moral and physical integrity in all the countries in which Africalia operates.

2. Aware of the fundamental role of minorities (socio-economic, sexual, ethnic, linguistic, etc.), Africalia actively fights against Eurocentrism, sexism, paternalistic visions and the maintenance of power systems based on dominant classes. This list explains what Africalia stands for;

  • RacismSee the Declaration on Race and Racial Prejudice adopted and proclaimed by the General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization at its 20th session on 27 November 1978.
  • Sexism and sexual discriminationSexism is prejudice or discrimination based on a person's sex or gender. Sexism can affect anyone. It has been linked to stereotypes and gender roles and can include the belief that one sex or gender is intrinsically superior to another. Extreme sexism can lead to sexual harassment, rape and other forms of sexual violence. Gender discrimination can include sexism and discrimination against people based on their gender identity or sexual differences. Gender discrimination is particularly defined in terms of inequality at work.
  • Discrimination
  • Paternalism
  • Eurocentrism

3. Africalia respects and is committed to cultural diversity, the fight against all forms of racism and discrimination as described in Protocol 12 of the European Convention on Human Rights, freedom of expression and environmental protection.

4. Integrity and respect are fundamental values at Africalia. They guide our actions and are required of all those who work with and for Africalia (staff, volunteer members and managers). This is why Africalia encourages respectful behaviour. By respect, Africalia means the ability to value and honour another person, both in their words and in their actions, even if we do not approve of or share everything they do. It means accepting the other person and not trying to change them. Respecting another person means not judging them on their attitudes, behaviour or thoughts. It means not expecting anyone to be any different. (source :

5. The word "Africa" in Africalia unambiguously indicates the cultural cooperation that our organisation wishes to perpetuate with Africa. It goes without saying that the organisation is extremely vigilant about the position of the African diaspora in Belgium (and in Europe) given its sensitivity to the history of Belgian colonisation. Africalia therefore asks all its partners to treat people of African origin as equal interlocutors rather than (exotic) objects who are unable to represent themselves.

6. With regard to our code of conduct ;

  • Africalia condemns any behaviour or actions that are in contradiction with the above-mentioned values, whether within the organisation, among its partners or in the context of interventions that it finances.
  • Africalia condemns any attack on the moral and financial integrity (abuse, fraud, corruption) of its partners and service providers and will cease all forms of collaboration with them in the event of a proven attack on integrity.
  • Africalia is committed, through its director and legal representative, to undertake a path of integrity as defined by the guidelines of the professional sector of development cooperation.
  • Dispute resolution - Confidential person: In the event of abuse or violation of integrity by or towards a member, volunteer or manager, the witness(es) or victim(s) may contact Dorine Rurashitsereferred to on the

If you believe you have been the victim of unethical behaviour or discrimination by Africalia, please email à

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