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European support project for the cultural sector in Burundi(Pasacc-Bu)

An economic sector that is still under-exploited in sub-Saharan Africa, the cultural and creative industries represent a sustainable, unlimited and non-polluting economic lever. What's more, they are particularly attractive to women and young people, whose employment must be a priority for Africa, and even more so in Burundi.

It is in this sense that PASACC-BU (Sectoral Support Project for Cultural and Creative Actors) implemented in Bujumbura, Ngozi and Gitega aims to strengthen cultural sector players and their actions in Burundi, in order to make an impact in terms of quality and quantity on the cultural sector, civil society organisations and economic and social development, job creation and access and raising awareness of the Burundian population to cultural products and creations.

The project focuses on three areas of intervention:

-1 Strengthening entrepreneurial spirit and skills Burundian cultural operators, via "start-up" and "scale-up" entrepreneurship programmes.

-2 Build long-term managerial, technical, artistic and distribution capacity Burundian cultural players and operators, through managerial, technical, artistic and financial training, and support for small and medium-scale cultural projects.

-3 Improving access for Burundian cultural players and operators to international cultural markets and networksthrough mobility grants and experience-sharing workshops.

The consortium

Menya Media

Menya Media develops activities that allow the talents and creativity of Burundi's youth to express themselves. Its approach and achievements have made Menya Media a key player in civil society, on issues of youth employability and above all the development of the cultural sector in Burundi. It also contributes to the professionalisation of the cultural and creative sector by strengthening the technical and managerial skills of operations in this field.


The Association "Appui au Développement Intégral et la Solidarité sur les Collines", ADISCO for short, is a non-profit association under Burundian law, which aims to be a support tool for people's self-help. It has two main structures: PROMOUVH (Programme de renforcement du mouvement Haguruka) and the MDE (Maison de l'entrepreneur). The MDE's mission is to develop the 3rd pillar of the Haguruka movement, the movement of entrepreneurs and craftsmen. It works largely with young people, both rural and urban, and supports them from the identification of an idea through to the development of the business, with the ultimate aim of creating their own jobs and those of other young people. These young entrepreneurs may be "agripreneurs" or in non-agricultural occupations.

Associated entities

Collectif des Producteurs pour le Développement de l'Audiovisuel et du Cinéma(COPRODAC), Chambre Sectorielle d'Art et Artisanat ( CHASAA), Amicale des Musiciens du Burundi( AMB), Tubiyage. These associated bodies participate in the selection of projects and applications, the transmission and dissemination of relevant information and in forward-looking moments in relation to the sector and operators.

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