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Africalia Training Grant

Africalia scholarship for training

Africalia grant

Freddy Sabimbona is originally from Burundi. He obtained his European diploma in the administration of cultural projects from theassociation Marcel Hicter in June 2021 in Delphi, Greece. Marcel Hicter is a continuing education association, recognised by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, whose aim is to promote and raise awareness of cultural democracy in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, in Europe and internationally, and to train cultural professionals in the management and administration of cultural projects. European diploma in cultural management.


However," explains Freddy Sambibona, "in reality, it's a year and a half. "Before we can be admitted to take the European diploma, we have to present a project that falls within the framework of cooperation between partners, a relevant project with a social and cultural impact, under the supervision of the Director of the Marcel Hicter Foundation, Jean Pierre Deru, to ensure that we submit a meaningful project".

Freddy Sabimbona had this to say about the experience: " The role of the European Diploma has been enormous for me on different levels because I questioned myself about my profession, my art and the way I conceived the art sector as a whole, both in Burundi and elsewhere. I will never be grateful enough for the meetings, discussions and visits that we made, which opened my eyes to many things, such as the importance of a country's cultural policy, or the magnificent visit we made to Booksar in Croatia, which greatly influenced my work, both in terms of content and form.
Before the European diploma, I was an actor, director and festival manager but recently, having listened to and digested all that I have learned during this year, I am a fervent defender of culture as a whole and I do not intend to stop there. Thank you for this wonderful " Destabilization ".

Hadassa is the other artist from the continent to have benefited from an opportunity to perfect her skills in Belgium thanks to an Africalia scholarship at HISK (Hoger Instituut voor Schone Kunsten) for two years in the city of Ghent. Originally from the Congo, Hadassa describes herself as a visual artist. With a bachelor's degree in criminology from the University of Lubumbashi, she exhibited at Wiels in 2019 at the end of an artist residency and took part in the 5th and 6th edition of the Lubumbashi Biennial. His work has been published in the New York Times dedicated to the 6th edition of the Lubumbashi edition of the Lubumbashi Biennial.

Identity Simulacre, performance. Photo by Dani Gherca

About her experience at HISK: "I first heard about HISK when I was in Belgium in 2019 during my residency at WIELS and in the course of a conversation with Toma MUTEBA. I was very curious. I dared to apply for this programme mainly because it is inaccessible to us Africans due to the restrictions linked to registration fees and the difficulties in obtaining a visa, among other things. Despite this, I was supported by the organisations through which I was able to exhibit or do residencies, which enabled me to start my residency programme at the beginning of 2020 as the first artist from sub-Saharan Africa and the Congo at HISK.

It is a two-year programme based on two components. Studio practice in contemporary production and a cutting-edge post-graduate programme based on exchanges between the Visiting Lecturers, made up of art professionals, and the artists in residence, known as Candidate Laureates.

This research residency at HISK also gave me time to reflect on my artistic practice and to develop a discourse about my work. The exchanges with the art professionals who came to share their experience and knowledge were also very enriching. An important detail for me in this course is also the possibility that my certificate obtained at HISK will offer me later on. I'll be qualified to teach anywhere in the world, so I'll be able to pass on the knowledge I've acquired to my compatriots in the Congo and everywhere else on the African continent.

Hadassa is preparing an exhibition, " Configurations"At the Strombeek cultural centre from 23 October to 15 December 2021.

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