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Yolé! Africa

Yolé!Africa's main missions:

  • actively contribute to the promotion of the Congolese and African film industry;
  • raise awareness among young people ;
  • encourage dialogue and develop creativity.

yole_africa.pngProviding a space for reflection and the re-imagining of what is possible in a relaxed atmosphere where everyone is welcome, a place where learning and sharing experiences is an essential part of the process - this is the objective underlying Yolé!Africa's actions, as well as archiving and setting up a data bank on the memory of the region, which for many years went through painful times of war and conflict.

aaa_8478-2.jpgYolé!Africa's main activities revolve around

IshangoEncounteris an annual gathering of artists, intellectuals and communities dedicated to re-imagining the place and possibilities of art and storytelling in the contemporary world. Named in honour of the Ishango bone and the indigenous knowledge it represents, Ishango Encounters includes a combination of film screenings, photo exhibitions and video installations, live performances, public conversations and academic debates that collectively advance decolonisation efforts to free the minds of Africa's future.

The ISHANGO meeting is a great opportunity to exchange perspectives on the definition of society and the resolution of social and ecological problems.
ALTERNATIVE TO TVa training and development programme for a new generation of Congolese activist filmmakers. This training will provide filmmakers with opportunities to acquire initial skills and professionalization with the support of Africalia. This will involve the production of quality documentaries and experimental fiction, while encouraging innovation in cinematographic language.
Broadcasting gives the various communities living in the region access to African films, particularly those produced in DR Congo, as well as promoting education around the image.
ISHANGO ENCOUNTER, founded in 2005 and formerly known as the Salaam Kivu International Film Festival (SKIFF), is the oldest international film festival in the DRCongo.

Cinema curriculum, a series of training workshops and productions on themes such as breaking down the colonial gaze in the Congo, aesthetics in cinema, African futurism and the theory of third cinema.

CINE REFLEXIONA series of film screenings, accompanied by events and critical debates every weekend.
MAHINDULEA workshop and creative residency based on ecological research, comparing pre-colonial, colonial and contemporary archives.
BARAZA/CONFERENCEA forum for exchange, discussion, dialogue and formal and informal reflection on topical issues.
WOMEN IN ART, Encouraging the active participation of women by women, in the artistic, cultural, social and activist fields. Round tables, exchanges and constructive discussions between women artists and activists.
YOLE!FARMa programme of art and agro-ecology to ensure food self-sufficiency run by a group of women supervised by Yole !Africa.
AROUND THE FIREA storytelling activity around the fire with actors and storytellers.aaa_2184.jpg

2022-2026 programme Africalia assists and supports the organisation in (1) strengthening associative governance and networking cultural players, (2) advocacy, (3) professionalising skills, (4) producing high-quality cultural and artistic works, (5) disseminating works more widely and (6) generating income.

(Haissetu Sumbunu Bianca) Cultural exchange and communication

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