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The Lampyre Troupe

The Lampyre Troupe

The Troupe lampyre's main activity is organising the 'Buja Sans Tabou' festival.

This festival explores the question of freedom of expression and its limits. The troupe's ambition is to demonstrate that despite the limitations and constraints that result, artistic creativity remains and develops as a form of resistance in the countries of East Africa.memoire_27_of_55_-_copie.jpg

The festival aims to be international in scope. Companies from all over the world are selected and invited to present their artistic interpretation of what is "taboo".

With a view to professional development, in addition to the performances, workshops led by top professionals are offered to actors from the guest companies to explore writing, acting, set design and directing.

2024-2026 programmeAfricalia assists and supports the company in (1) strengthening associative governance and networking cultural players, (2) advocacy, (3) professionalising skills, (4) producing quality cultural and artistic works, (5) disseminating works more widely and (6) generating income.


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