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Visit BurundiDespite its significant potential, culture remains an under-valued sector in the field of development. Moreover, connections between cultural players and other players in civil society and the world of development are still not very easy.

One of the causes of this state of affairs lies in the weak structuring of the cultural sector in general, and the audiovisual and film sectors in particular, which reduces the contribution made by cultural associations to the dynamism of civil society. In addition to the recurring problem of a lack of funding, cultural players suffer from a lack of methodological tools, relevant arguments/advocacy and visibility in the field of development.

The role of cultural players is essential to the growth of a civil society that is actively involved in development issues, the emergence of democracy and freedom of expression.

With this in mind, the NZORAMA project, funded by the European Union, is led by Africalia, COPRODAC (Collectif des producteurs et diffuseurs de l'audiovisuel) and Tubiyage. COPRODAC is a young association/platform that brings together major audiovisual producers from the public, voluntary and private sectors. Tubiyage, a member of Coprodac, specialises in educating people to change their behaviour using interactive theatre and video productions.

NZORAMA is helping to structure and professionalise Burundi's film and audiovisual production sector. The project aims to recognise COPRODAC as a professional network recognised at national and local level, capable of providing quality services to its members and local authorities.

Over the next two years, the programme will focus on two areas: strengthening COPRODAC's methodological and technical skills; and improving the promotion and visibility of the audiovisual sector among other non-state players and local and national authorities.

Nzorama will therefore make it possible to: consolidate COPRODAC by helping it to set up management tools; support COPRODAC's participation in consultation frameworks; support the creation and running of a COPRODAC website that will provide visibility of activities and exhaustive information on Burundi's audiovisual and film sectors; train structures on the function and role of producers to contribute to the quality of local production.

At the end of the programme, COPRODAC will be a structure capable of meeting the needs of its members and the sector, but also of playing its full part in the country's development as a player in civil society.


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