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Menya Media

Menya Media

Menya Média is involved in the production and distribution of works by artists from Burundi. Menya Média encourages young people to take an interest in, and become more familiar with, innovative professions that are likely to generate employment. It also contributes to the professionalisation of the cultural and creative sector (ICC) by strengthening technical and managerial skills.

"development through communication and culture. "

Menya Media is the use of all modern and traditional means of communication, including the media, to showcase artists and their cultural potential in order to contribute to the development of Burundi and its people.

Structurally, Menya Média is made up of two sister NPOs. Menya Média Burundi has been active in Burundi and the Great Lakes region since 2001, and Menya Média International, based in Brussels, has been active since 2010. Menya Média is a young and dynamic team. Young Burundians who use these structures as a platform to express themselves and to develop their country and their own talents.



Quartier Asiatique, Avenue du Lac 7
Facebook: Menya Media

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