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AkriKera Arts Trust aims to develop contemporary dance training in Zimbabwe and to help the country become a major player in the performing arts and dance sectors.

Through AfriKera Professional Dance Training, AfriKera offers 15 young men and women a three-year training course in contemporary dance, with a comprehensive and ambitious professional programme. The school's excellent reputation regularly leads to collaborations and productions with other dance companies and choreographers from the region and neighbouring countries who are part of the educational programme.

This intensive training prepares dancers to make their way and find work in the performing arts. This is very important in Zimbabwe, where the majority of the population do not see dance as a real way of earning a living.

Since the beginning of 2017, AfriKera has had its own dance centre2 large studios and all the necessary equipment, located in the centre of Harare (CBD). The provision of this space is the result of a unique public-private partnership between Africalia and the Meikles Foundation.

Programme 2017-2021: Africalia is supporting AfriKera Professional Dance Training, which teaches dance and show production to 15 young dancers over a 3-year period. Afrikera will also be working closely on this programme with Music Crossroads Academy on music education and Zimbabwe Theatre Academy on actor training.

Programme 2022-2024 : Africalia assists and supports Afrikera Arts Trust in (1) strengthening associative governance and the networking of cultural players, (2) advocacy, (3) the professionalisation of skills, (4) the production of quality cultural and artistic works, (5) wider dissemination of works and finally (6) the ability to generate income.

Afrikera 2
Afrikera 2

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Young dancers from Zimbabwe come to Belgium to complete their training par Ayoko Mensah

"Shadows / Push Pull: Afro-contemporary dance performance

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