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Contemporary Congolese theatre


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This book includes three plays by authors from the Democratic Republic of Congo:

- Einsteinnette (David-Minor Ilunga)
- Control tower (Célestin Kasongo)
- Prisoners of Ekafela (Jonathan Kombe)

With this book, Africalia, the Tarmac des Auteurs and Lansman Editeur hope to contribute to the emergence of young, talented Congolese playwrights.
With the support of Africalia, the Tarmac des Auteurs in Kinshasa is developing a breeding ground for new generations of playwrights. By encouraging (young) playwrights to take the plunge, but also by inviting an impressive series of qualified speakers to encourage them to reflect on the specific nature of playwriting, on problems of content and form, on language, and so on.

These three plays should be a first step in enriching the DRC's theatrical repertoire, giving the country's many troupes new ways to perform. But of course the ambition is also to have these new plays discovered beyond the country's borders, with, who knows, the key to multiple divergent creations in the four corners of the French-speaking world.

Congolese theatre never ceases to exist, it is part of the daily life of the people of Kin, Lushois, Matadiens, Boyomais, Bukaviens, Mbandakais... It lives in the neighbourhoods, sometimes feeding on humour and cynicism to better express the daily life of the populations of which it is most often the sharp reflection.

The authors

David-Minor IlungaBorn in Kinshasa on 17 September 1986. He developed a passion for the spoken word as a child. In 2003 he began his adventure with the theatre. Shortly after a brief stint as an actor, he revealed himself to be an author who would attract the attention of the Tarmac des Auteurs, of which he is currently a member.

Célestin KasongoBorn on 1 November 1969 in Kolwezi. A theatre actor and writer, he runs an amateur theatre company in Lubumbashi and teaches chemistry. He has written several plays.

Jonathan Kombeborn in Kisangani, is an actor, author, scriptwriter and lyricist. He began writing in 2006 at the Tarmac des Auteurs. He is also a human rights activist.

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Lansman Editeur. The publication of this book was supported by Africalia.

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