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Afro-contemporary dance

Making Men

Making Men

A group of human beings is faced with the freedom to become human. Or is it more of a constraint? They are unaware of it, and they evolve as planned towards this masculinity from which they take on, through the different stages of their lives, the characteristics so well coded by our society.

Yet something doesn't feel right, and they feel it deep inside, as if they're wearing someone else's ill-fitting clothes. There's ambiguity, there's something else...

They search, they question, they express themselves. They try to free themselves from the freedom that imprisons them and they seek to reveal their true being. The choreography aims to show the dancers the limits of the stereotype in their quest to experience the emotions of human life to the full.


Making Men is a film divided into 4 choreographed scenes. Each scene expresses a stage or passage in a man's life.


Making Men is also a performance project created during the preparation of the film, each cinematographic section having its equivalent in the choreographic piece.


The performances (film + show) are preceded by a short talk on different aspects of masculinity. The aim is to draw attention to what we see as a growing problem in today's society.



[*8 & 9.02.2019*]
Cineteatro D. João V, Amadora Lisbon, Portugal

[*15.02.2019 – 20:30*]
Centre Culturel Ottignies-LLNBelgium
Tickets :

[*23.02.2019 – 20:00*]
Centre Culturel WaterlooBelgium
Tickets :

[*28.02 & 01.03.2019 – 20:00*]
Espace MaghBrussels, Belgium
Tickets :

Presentation of the project sponsors

Dunia Dance Company Dunia Dance : founded in Brussels by Sierra Leonean choreographer Harold George, Dunia Dance aims to integrate an African-inspired aesthetic into contemporary dance-theatre through a multidisciplinary approach. Dunia creates shows, gives Afro-contemporary dance classes and helps to train African dancers.

Afrikera Arts Trust Afrikera is an organisation based in Harare, Zimbabwe, which works in contemporary dance training. A partner of Africalia, AfriKera also runs the Afrikera Dance Theatre, a dance company made up of dancers who have completed their training programme, two of whom will be taking part in the creation of the show Making Men.

Mijim Mijim is a video production and graphic/web design studio. Mijim has produced a large number of videos for companies as well as for theatre and dance shows (for example, the "Théâtrez-moi!" platform and "Push Pull" by Cie Dunia Dance).

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