Africalia offers technical and financial support to African organisations in a spirit of partnership.

Over the years Africalia has acquired significant expertise in the field of cultural cooperation which it provides to its partners.

Our programmes in Africa aim to achieve varied results: (1) strengthening the associative governance and networking of cultural actors, (2) the advocacy to persuade public authorities to provide more grants for cultural initiatives aimed at the development of CCIs,(3) the professionalisation of competences, (4) the production of high quality cultural and artistic creations, (5) wider dissemination of creations and at last, but not least, the (6) ability to generate income.

Africalia sees cooperation as a sustainable commitment to its partners, not as financial support for specific cultural activities (festivals, shows, exhibitions). The partnership is based on in-depth knowledge, accumulated over several years, of the assets, strengths and weaknesses of each partner and on the pooling of resources and expertise in the pursuit of a shared long-term goal.

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