Call for proposals : co-creating GCE tools

Winners 2019

Winners of the Call for Proposals 2019

Within the framework of the distribution of Global Citizenship Education tools Africalia has launched a call for proposals.
The artistic proposals (film, book, exhibition, performance, etc.) had to invite an audience to reflect on Global Citizenship and Solidarity, applied to the art and culture sector in Belgium and pay particular attention to the dynamics of cultural hybridity.
Key words : cocreation, global citizenship, cultural diversity, social inclusion, contemporary creations, …
In total, 31 proposals were received and 6 were selected by the independent jury.

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1. Out of Focus : FULU ACT

The FULU ACT project reflects on our consumer society and its direct consequences : the overabundance of waste in both northern and southern countries. As a multidisciplinary artistic project (photography & performance), it highlights a Congolese artistic production created in neighbourhoods directly involved in these ecological issues. Performers question the profusion of objects and waste, and compose ornaments by recycling them.

The non-profit organisation Out of Focus, in partnership with the association Eza Possible, which represents these artists, wishes to bring their thoughts to Belgium through a photographic exhibition, coupled with a series of performances in the urban space.

By highlighting the "Congolese paradox" (a country that is a major producer of raw materials and a major importer of consumer goods), they wish to raise awareness among Belgian and European consumers/citizens and remind them of the global aspect of this ecological crisis. The project underlines the interdependence of ecological and economic problems. In addition, this project makes it possible to highlight the work of artists from Kinshasa, and to create a link between young Congolese and Belgian artists.

Project leader : Out of Focus & Eza Possible

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2. Black Speaks Back : Palimpsest

A palimpsest is a reused piece of parchment handwriting. The top layer was scraped off so that the parchment could be rewritten since it no longer attached any value to the original text. "it preserves the distinctness of individual texts, while exposing the contamination of one by the other." Françoise Verges.
How can the importance of intergenerational knowledge transfer within the African diaspora better be described ? The many images, feelings, songs, sagas are building blocks, methods and a source of knowledge to build a future and be heard together. Let’s exchange them, share them with each other ! "Palimpsest" collects stories of elders in the community and brings them in an accessible format (video) to the younger generation, with the aim of promoting intergenerational exchange.

Project Leader : Black Speaks Back

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3. Amaj Productions : Anane

Anane is a two-part project with as output a documentary and a theatre/dance performance. The first part of ’Anane’ is a documentary in which Adams Mensah follows Joffrey Anana in his journey to his mother in Ghana to ask her questions. In 2016 Adams made a similar journey and documentary about his sick mother, ’Me A Belgian, My Mother A Ghanaian’. In the second part of the project, Joffrey will incorporate his findings/experiences from his visit into a theatre/dance solo.
Through a personal story, Adams and Joffrey want to give the audience more insight into what migration and growing up in a foster family of another culture does to a person. A story that is not only intended for local use but is recognizable in different contexts.

Project leader : Amaj Productions

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4. Publieke Acties vzw : Being Imposed Upon

The project Being Imposed Upon knows an exceptional literary approach. Publieke Acties crowdsources reflections on being a woman and being black with the people who really have the right to speak : black women. These are bundled into a collection of testimonies, journalistic approaches, literary non-fiction and poetry on the subject. All this in our two national languages under the guidance of two editors with a remarkable track record : Gia Abrassart (Café Congo) and Heleen Debeuckelaere (BRUZZ, BLACK, De Standaard).
Being Imposed Upon refers to the external pressure that can be placed on a person or a body. But it can also refer to the strict boundaries that we draw between forms of knowledge production and forms of communication. In this project these boundaries will be crossed and more connection will be created between the different genres. The personal testimonies will be linked to academic research, as will journalistic approaches. Literary fiction will contain elements of reportage, poetry and journalism will go hand in hand. In terms of content, this work refers to the concept of intersectionality, but in form it will also propagate this concept.

Project leader : Publieke Acties vzw

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5. Transe en Danse : Who We Are

A dance-theatre show, puppets and multilingual singing on the issue of migration and undocumented migrants, in an all-paper setting, including pop-ups, shadow theatre and object theatre. The characters, inspired by real people, will be embodied by puppets of several sizes, metaphors of impersonal reception policies or the importance that the "other" takes when you open the door and get to know him. Mainly made of paper, these will be expressed as much by gestures as by words and song. A show featuring civic engagement, the dignity of migrants, their incredible stories and the difficulties they face, in their country of origin, on the road, and in Belgium.

Project leader : Transe en Danse

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6. WARP : Flowering Ethiopia

Flowering Ethiopia is an artistic project that is part of the Coup de Ville 2020 trail exhibition in Sint-Niklaas. Artist Ermias Kifleyesus creates new works (drawings, paintings, collages, video), inspired by the cultivation of flowers in Ethiopia.
Starting from a field study, the artist examines this successful, non-traditional export activity from a social, ecological and economic perspective. The focus is on participatory creations, in collaboration with visitors and the public.

Project leader : WARP