Call for proposals : co-creating GCE tools

Winners 2018


Winners of the Call for Proposals 2018

It is within the framework of the distribution of Global Citizenship Education tools that Africalia has launched a call for proposals.

The artistic proposals (film, book, exhibition, performance, etc.) must invite an audience to reflect on Global Citizenship and Solidarity, applied to the art and culture sector in Belgium and pay particular attention to the dynamics of cultural hybridity.

In total, 36 proposals were received and 6 were selected by the independent jury.

1. La Vitrine


La Vitrine is a former sea container converted into a mobile exhibit hall. It will be installed in different locations in the center of Brussels during the summer/fall 2018. Each exhibition will be shown during two or three weeks. Each venue will feature a new decor and new artists, especially Afro-descendants. La Vitrine is also a project including a series of animations, participatory activities and live performances that encourage people to meet each other and animate the neighbourhood.

Project leader : MangooPickle asbl

Production period :
VITRINE 1 : BRUSSELS, Rue du Trône - Troonstraat, 24 August > 9 September 2018.
VITRINE 2 : JETTE, Place Cardinal Mercier - Kardinaal Mercierplein, 12 > 28 October 2018.

Visit the page dedicated to La Vitrine on our website

2. Making Men - Over-masculinity or delayed violence

Crédits : Antoine Panier

Making Men is a co-creation of an Afro-contemporary dance performance. It focusses on the theme of gender and more specifically on masculinity : its evolution and its impact on our society, especially on young men. It is the co-creation of a choreographic language based on diverse artistic and cultural ideas.
The creation period will be followed by a series of professional performances and workshops for high school students, in which the dancers will participate as facilitators.

Project leaders : Compagnie Dunia Dance, Afrikera Arts Trust, Mijim

Production period : October 2018 - March 2019

Visit the page dedicated to Making Men on our website

3. Sankara Legacy Act II


Sankara Legacy Act II is the second stage of an event taking the form of a multidisciplinary festival from April 13th till 15th, 2018 in Brussels. This project aims to commemorate the 30th death anniversary of the former President of Burkina Faso, Thomas Sankara. He was murdered on October 15th, 1987, after only four years at the head of the country. Through various proposals and artistic forms, it will be, beyond the commemoration, an opportunity to question the legacy of Thomas Sankara nowadays.

Project leaders : Afropean Project, Espace Ochola

Production period : 13 > 15 April 2018

Visit the page dedicated to the festival on our website

4. Upright.Be


Upright.Be (Debout.Be) is a contemporary arts project conceived by Bruce Clarke, commemorating the Rwandese genocide that took place in 1994. A permanent figure of an Upright Men has been painted on the facade of a building in Brussels. The work can be seen at 34-36 rue du Meiboom - Meiboomstraat in 1000 Brussels and is part of the "PARCOURS Street Art" of the City of Brussels.

Project leaders : Muyira - Arts et Mémoire, Bruce Clarke

Production period : April 2018 - April 2019

Visit the page dedicated to the artwork on our website

5. Missing


Missing is a multidisciplinary performance mixing video, dance and word showing a boy talking to his absent father. Adams Mensah crawls back into the head of an eleven-year-old child who has never seen his father before. Adams describes the confusion, loss, hope and disappointment of this boy. It is an accessible but critical performance. Its aim is to look beyond the usual imagery connected with the themes of migration and globalisation.

Project leaders : kunstZ, Adams Adjetey Mensah

Production period : April - June 2018

Visit the page dedicated to Missing on our website



In her film PRISM, director An van Dienderen wants to experiment with the stakes behind the game of ‘exquisite corps’, by which different people collaborate on one work without seeing what the other players have made. She hopes to gather information on the different specific strategies filmmakers from different parts of the world use for the lighting of different kinds of skin. The project is focussed on the opposition between reality and fiction, the imaginary and what is observed, representation and experience. The starting point is the importance of images in our intercultural society.

Project leaders : Elektrischer Schnellseher vzw, An Van Diederen

Production period : spring 2018 - winter 2020