Adams Mensah



Missing - Adams Mensah

Missing is a multidisciplinary performance by Adams Mensah mixing video, dance and word showing a boy talking to his absent father.

An eleven-year-old child has never seen his father because he lives in Europe. The future of the child is fixed. Later, much later, he goes to this unknown man in an unknown country. But until then, fantasy does its job. The father becomes a god. Until he meets the man...

Adams Mensah crawls back into the head of an eleven-year-old child who has never seen his father before. Adams describes the confusion, loss, hope and disappointment of this boy.

Missing is an accessible but critical performance. Its aim is to look beyond the usual imagery connected with the themes of migration and globalisation. Each migration has its own history. Each migration also has a universal history.

Première Missing

Friday June 1st and Saturday June 2nd 2019
6:00 PM - welcome and dinner
8:30 PM - Missing
Location : Het Bos - Ankerrui 5 - 7, 2000 Antwerpen

Presentation of the initiators

kunstZ is an artistic incubator that uses the diversity of our society as an engine for the renewal and expansion of the performing arts.
The stories of migrants and newcomers from all over the world form the basis of a new dramaturgy and open up a new perspective on global reality.

Adams Adjetey Mensah is a Ghanaian-Belgian actor, director, writer and dancer. With Missing, Adams Mensah digs further into his own bio and this is a logical consequence of his self-taught career ; where he used to be a performer in stage productions, he now wants to take on his role as a maker. His content-related themes remain the impact of migration, identity and imaging.


Concept and interpretation : Adams Mensah - Interpretation : Danny Muboti - Coachs : Mohkallad Rasem and Helder Seabra

A production of kunstZ, with the support of Africalia and Stad Antwerpen. Thanks to Het Bos & Otark Productions.

This project is one of the laureates of the Africalia’s 2018 call for proposals.