Discover The Challenges Achieved By The Winners Of The Call For Proposals


Discover The Challenges Achieved By The Winners Of The Call For Proposals 2019

Despite the ups and downs of this particular year, three of the winners of the call for proposals launched in 2019 have already completed few projects, and these are fantastic !

Photo : Who We Are show by Transe en Danse

Publieke Acties vzw : Being Imposed Upon

This summer, the Flemish organization Publieke Acties published its book Being Imposed Upon, which it describes as "a love letter and an handbook for Black Women. " It is indeed a collection of reflections on what it means to be a black woman in Belgium.

These beautiful texts, both poetic and activist, were co-written by a gathering of Black Women involved in Afrofeminist, anti-racist and decolonial causes, to name them : Joëlle Sambi Nzeba, Olave Nduwanje, Emmanuelle Nsunda, Sabrine Ingabire, Aline Bosuma W’Okungu Bakili, Heleen Debeuckelaere, Mireille-Tsheusi Robert, Munganyende Hélène Christelle, Modi Ntambwe, Emma-Lee Amponsah, Djia Mambu, Shari Aku Legbedje & Anissa Boujdaini, Gia Abrassart, Melat Gebeyaw Nigussie, Anne Wetsi Mpoma, Lisette Ma Neza. The sublime photographs that illustrate the texts have been taken by Awa Gaye.

This 272-page booklet written in French and Dutch will undoubtedly touch you whether you are a Black Woman or not. A wonderful literary experience, "Being Imposed Upond" is on sale for 17€ on Publieke Acties’ website.

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WARP : Flowering Ethiopia

As part of the exhibition Coup de Ville 2020 - Chasing Flowers organized in St. Nicholas, WARP intended to invite the Ethiopian artist, Ermias Kifleyesus, to create new works based on a field study in Ethiopia. Due to Covid, the initial project could not be implemented. That’s why Stef Van Belingen, who is in charge of the exhibition, has chosen to show some of Kifleyesus’ works that had already been created in the midst of works made by other artists with the common topic of flowers.

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Visiting the exhibition, held from September 11th to October 11th in different emblematic places in the city of Sint Niklaas, was a delight experience for young people as well as older ones. By following the itinerary, which also allowed to visit the city, it was possible to admire artworks from sculpture to painting and videos.

At the end of the route we discovered the space dedicated to Ermias Kifleyesus’ art, which was the icing on the cake. These paintings and sketches are charming and provide you a feeling of joy. Come back to the exhibition on WARP’s Facebook and Instagram pages and stay tuned not to miss the 2021 edition of this magical event.

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Transe en Danse : Who We Are

In 2020, rehearsing and performing a show was not an easy task. Yet this is the challenge that Transe en Danse company has taken up with its show Who We Are, which tells the story of young migrants. We had the chance to attend one of the few performances that were possible this year. We came out of it subjugated and we were not the only ones.

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"One of the most beautiful shows I’ve seen recently, full of diversity with talented artists and music that transported us ! A big thank you and a big bravo for this beautiful project !" says Mounia from AMO Promo-jeunes. "Thank you for this touching show ... the scene with the little bowling puppets in boxes and thrown is particularly violent and terrific ! Congratulations to the actors for the super powerful danced scenes... And the puppets give a crazy effect ! Thank you for continuing to bring art and dance to life, ... and thank you for these young people that this action certainly contributes to make live, to give the courage to continue. You are fantastic !" adds Marie Fontaine, visual artist.

These testimonials probably make you want to see this wonderful show and you are right. Fortunately, shows are scheduled as soon as the theaters reopen :

  • January 22nd, 2021 at the Théâtre des Riches-Claires, 1000 Brussels at 7pm.
  • January 30, 2021 at the Foyer Culturel de Saint-Guislain at 8 pm.
  • February 10, 2021 at the Cultural Center of Woluwé St-Pierre, the W-HALLL, Brussels at 10:30 am for schools and at 8 pm for the public.
  • April 2, 2021 at the Cultural Center of Sprimont at 2 pm for schools and 8 pm for the public.
  • April 24, 2021 at the Foyer Culturel de Beloeil at 8:00 pm.

All information here

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