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Afrika Filmfestival – DOCAFRIKA

DocAfrika screens a high-quality documentary every month, followed by a debate.

The aim of Afrika Filmfestival is to introduce the many strong documentaries from and about Africa which cannot be screened during the festival to the widest audience possible. With the support of Africalia, high-quality documentaries will be purchased to maximise the dissemination of socially relevant images from and about Africa.

Strong documentaries of/about Africa and its diaspora

From September 2019 till February 2020, the following films will be screened, every second Tuesday of the month in Cinema ZED Leuven.

> 10 September : "Buddha in Africa" by Nicole Schafer
> 8 October : "Awani" by Aderonke Adeola + "Chambre N°1" by Leila Thiam Solet N’deye
> 12 November : "My Friend Fela" by Joel Zito Araújo
> 10 December : "No Gold for Kalsaka" by Michel K. Zongo
> 14 January : "Sisters of the Wilderness" by Karin Slater
> 11 February : "Totems et Tabous" by Daniel Cattier

Practical info
Place : Cinema ZED, A. Vesaliusstraat 9c, 3000 Leuven
Tickets : €8,5/screening (€7 reduction rate)
€ 20/ 6 screenings (DocAfrika subscription September 2019 – February 2020))

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DocAfrika is an initiative of Afrika Filmfestival, in partnership with Africalia and Cinema ZED.