Cultural management training workshops


CALL - RWANDA : Cultural management training workshops

As part of its multi-year program 2017-2021, Africalia is launching a capacity-building program for Rwandan cultural actors.

Cultural administration requires specific skills combining a detailed knowledge of artistic and cultural issues with management and organizational requirements. This training in cultural management will allow participants to tackle different aspects ranging from cultural policies to cultural economy while integrating a digital dimension that is essential today.

The training will take place from July 2020 to March 2021 with two parts including online and a face-to-face. This program intends to significantly improve the structure and professional level of Rwandan cultural organizations in the medium term.


The specific objectives are to help participants to :

  • Deepen their knowledge on cultural policies and industries , challenges and mechanisms in Rwanda and Africa ;
  • Identify the general issues of aesthetic, political and economic trends, the specificities of the different artistic fields and integrate the current trends and changes ; ;
  • Learn to organize team work, network, and boost the implementation of partnership ;
  • Address the principles relating to good governance of cultural projects and organizations ;
  • Build their management skills and acquire tools for managing cultural projects by finding a balance between artistic, political and economic parameters ;
  • Take advantages of the digital tools to promote access to cultural resources and pave the way for new forms of artistic practice and cultural mediation ;
  • Conduct need assessments, feasibility study and research prior to the technical development of a cultural project and respond with consistency and relevance to calls for projects ;
  • Develop a provisional budget and master the principles of financial management and budget monitoring ;


The training content will be articulated around major topics such as :

  • Project cycle Management / Results-based management
  • Cultural projects and art management
  • Design and development of cultural projects,
  • Principles of Financial Management and Reporting
  • Understanding cultural entrepreneurship and the cultural economy
  • Digital Cultural Marketing
  • Copyright management (literary and artistic property)
  • Cultural Policy and Creative Industries in Rwanda


To execute this content, three online training modules of three weeks each are planned to take place between July 2020 and March 2021 through an inter-active e-learning platform designed for this purpose. The second part of the training consists of two (2) face-to-face training workshops of 5 days each in Rwanda.

Indicative schedule

Online Trainings

  • July -August : Module 1 (3 weeks )
  • September-October 2020 : Module 2 (3 weeks)
  • December 2020 -January 2021 : Module 3 ( 3 weeks)

Face-to-face training workshops

  • September 2020 : 1st workshop in Kigali ( 5 days )
  • November 2020 : 2nd workshop in Gisenyi ( 5 days)


The training is primarily aimed at :

1. cultural administrators
2. project managers and / or cultural projects promoters
3. graduate students, all fields combined
4. heads of cultural organizations and establishments

Applications from cultural journalists, entrepreneurs and cultural agents from public institutions and municipalities may be considered.


To apply, applicants are required to send one-page curriculum vitae, motivation letter, current or future project presentation sheet and, as the case may be, a letter of designation by the line manager of the membership organization.

Applications must be sent only by email to no later than June 26, 2020 before 23:59 GMT.

A selection committee made up of the programme coordination team and some cultural players in Rwanda will select the participants based on their experience and motivation.

Successful applicants will be notified by email. For further information, please contact :