Yasser Booley

South Africa at Liberty


Collection Africalia Editions [photo]
Africalia Editions & Stichting Kunstboek 2016

Yasser ‘Mierkat’ Booley started producing photographs on the eve of the ‘new’ South Africa. Raised within the tension of a conservative Cape Malay home in a politically fraught South Africa, he soon became an observant apprentice, set on mastering the essence of the eclectic ‘rainbow nation’. This book is a celebration, an indulgent vision. Booley’s South Africa shows ordinary people caught at a crossroads, entangled in a dishevelled unity. He brings to light the beauty of humanity through all religious and cultural differences, through class and gender diversity. His character and style reveal an unbridled optimism, sprinkled with an accidental whiff of irony.

Technical data

This edition is in 4 languages : English, Dutch, French and German
Format : 24,5 x 23,5 cm
Number of pages : 154 p.
Price : 29,00 €
ISBN : 978-90-5856-563-1
Date of publication : October 2016

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A touring exhibition presents a selection of 40 photos of Yasser Booley from the book South Africa at Liberty.