1. Can a group / duo / collective apply ?

A group can apply but the application must be filled in the name of only one person. It is then possible to indicate in the application form that the artist will work with several people / other artists. No matter how many people works with the candidate, the amount of the grant will remain the same, i.e. € 1,500.

2. Can agencies and managers apply ?

No, this call is reserved for artists. Agencies and managers cannot therefore apply.

3. I don’t speak English / French very well, can you explain X to me ?

If something does not seem clear to you, you can ask us to explain it by being specific about what you do not understand (by e-mail : africalia@africalia.be). If you don’t understand English or French well, ask someone you know to help you.

4. Can all types of artists apply ?

All artists can apply as long as their project meets the selection criteria.

5. What disciplines are allowed ?

All artistic and creative disciplines are permitted as long as the final projects / works can be transmitted and broadcasted online.

6. Can I apply if I don’t have a bank account ?

No, it is not possible to apply if you do not have a bank account in your name.

7. I have the nationality of one of the mentioned countries but I live in another country which is not listed, can I apply ?

Only applicants who reside in the mentioned countries are eligible. As a reminder, the countries included in this call are : Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal, Rwanda, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Uganda.

8. Is there an age limit for this program ?

No, there is no age limit to apply.

9. Do you have a specific preferred language for the artist work ?

The languages of this program are English and French, so you need to be able to speak one of them in order to communicate with us. Nevertheless, concerning the language of your work, it is up to you, you can choose the language you want.

10. How long should be the evidence clip or rather my curriculum vitae ?

There is no specific length for these. We’d just like you to show us your experience.

11. How will be selected the projects eligible for the grant ?

The projects will be selected by the members of the jury. This jury is composed of three English-speaking members and three French-speaking members. Among the six members of the jury : two members from the cultural sector on the African continent, a Belgian Afro-descendant member, two members of Africalia’s team and a partner member of the Belgium program.

12. I have sent my application, when will I know if I have been selected ?

The Africalia team will announce the official list of selected artists on June 30 through its regular communication channels.