Insa Bodian

Senegal - Theatre & Dance

Insa Bodian

  • AGE : 31
  • COUNTRY of residence : Senegal
  • CITY : Ziguinchor
  • ARTISTIC DISCIPLINE : Theater & Dance

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A few words about your artistic journey

Trained in acting, in the Performing Arts, in social intervention theater techniques. I am the artistic director of the Karengu theater company of Diabir in Casamance. I am currently collaborating with the Belgian choreographer Céline Curvers on a solo dance theater project (creation in 2020-2021)

How long have you been an artist ?

From 2012 (after the magnificent meeting with the Belgian director Armel Roussel) until today, and again tomorrow ...

Why did you apply for this grant ? How will the grant support you ?

This scholarship gives me a vital boost. The only way for me to continue creating in the current survival context linked to Covid-19.
This grant will allow me to express through my artistic practice everything that has changed in me since confinement.

What are your concrete artistic objectives after this residency ?

Continue to create in the public space to reach the greatest number and allow social connection.
Continue to invent a personal body language linked to my story.