Christiana Tabaro

DRC - Theatre

Christiana Tabaro

  • AGE : 30
  • COUNTRY of residence : Democratic Republic of Congo
  • CITY : Kinshasa

A few words about your artistic journey

In 2011, with Michael Disanka, I created the Art-of-Art collective. A space of exchange and creation where I realize several projects presented in the two Congo, in Zambia, in Zimbabwe, in Belgium and in France. Since 2013, I present the “only on stage” Parole de femme, co-written with two co-authors.

How long have you been an artist ?

For 10 years, I have opted for a research theater centered on my experience drawing from the library of my life.

Why did you apply for this scholarship ? How will the scholarship support you ?

We have to counter the fear of not being able to work any more, of not being able to contribute to the reconstruction of tomorrow’s society because we have not succeeded in raising the necessary funds for this or that project which seems to us essential, today.

What are your concrete artistic objectives after this residency ?

To make discover, initiate discussions on contemporary theater to a larger number of people in the commune of Ngaliema where I live.