Distribution of Global Citizenship Education tools and Africalia productions

The programme produces innovative tools in the field of Global Citizenship Education which aim to bring a critical perspective to our intellectual achievements and comfort zone. These tools will be developed by artists rather than by experts in communication, global solidarity education and development through two distinct approaches :

Making Men
Crédits : Antoine Panier

1. Call for proposals : Three competitive tender processes will be launched over the five years of the programme to select artistic proposals (films, books, exhibitions, performances, etc.) featuring an innovative treatment of a specific theme related to Global Citizenship Education.

2018 : discover the winners of the call
2019 : discover the winners of the call

Crédits : Yasser Booley

2. Africalia Productions : Africalia publishes books and co-produces documentaries that showcase contemporary African cultural expressions. New items are being added all the time to our collections Africalia Productions [DoKu], Africalia Editions [photo], Short(s) of Africa, aside of our other productions.