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Rwanda Arts Initiative (RAI) is a non-profit structure intended to contribute to the professionalization of art industry in Rwanda, developing step by step a platform integrating devices of training, advocacy, production and diffusion.

Established since 2012, RAI believes that art industry can substantially contribute to socio-economic development of Rwanda as a sector generating wealth through sustainable job creation, economic diversification and cultural value addition.

RAI’s mission is to bring together the cultural operators in the Great Lakes Region and the East Africa, in terms of training, production and circulation of works. It aims to develop skills and the professionalization of art industry through establishment of necessary institutional framework and education scheme, strategic capacity building of human resource, hands on skills exposure to market demand best practices, enabling of a conductive environment. The basic goal of RAI is working for the benefit of the society as a whole.

Programme 2017-2021 : Africalia supports efforts to enhance management of networking, administrative and financial aspects ; the marketing of cultural goods and services via a digital platform (Jaami Art Bank) ; provides for cultural actors in Rwanda administrative training courses and advocacy skills so that the government takes in consideration the needs of the sector on the agenda but also technical training courses for the young people.


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Example of their work : the exhibition "Great Black Music" in Kigali