3 Tamis

Founded in 2002 by BDOM, Centre Olame, Groupe Jérémie and Plateforme DIOBASS, the ASBL 3 Tamis works exclusively around issues dedicated to citizenship education with culture and the arts as mediums.

3 Tamis has joined various cultural networks, including the Festival of Bukavu (FESTBUK), which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2019. FestBuk is a meeting place for artists from different countries, mainly from the DRC, the Great Lakes region, the United States and Europe. It combines various artistic disciplines, including film, music, dance, percussion and theatre.

General Objective
support citizenship education, peace initiatives and training in human relations.

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Specific objectives

  • to accompany and support the work of animating civil society and NGO training.
  • to collaborate with the national and international media and arts in order to exchange products, services and experiences
  • to promote South Kivu and largely DR Congo through their cultural and tourist heritage along with the economic and social potential
  • to train in institutional and social communication through ICT
  • to promote entrepreneurship among young people and accompany them towards assuming societal responsibilities.
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3 Tamis answers to

*the lack of images and modern technology

  • the lack of memory and archives
  • the lack of positive images other than those of misery, war, rape...
  • the lack of good quality images and productions
  • the lack of professional cultural structures and spaces
  • the scarcity of local production in the service of sustainable development
  • the absence of business incubators for young people
  • the lack of audiovisual media coverage due to the lack of permanent electrical power
  • the villages and people are forgotten by the media and the digital division...

Main activities undertaken

  • More than 500 reports, documentaries, fiction and video clips broadcast on local TV,
    TV5, RTBF and outdoor cinema (560 outdoor screenings).
    *Coaching Belgian trainees in audiovisual communication and socio-cultural animation (University of Liège, Hautes Ecoles Wallonnes, University of Sorbonne, etc.)

Franck Badesire Mweze
Coordinator 3TAMIS
troistamis@yahoo.fr www.3tamis.org
+243 99 33 64 998 , 084 70 91 111


22, Avenue de la Résidence – Ibanda, Bukavu – République Démocratique du Congo.