La Troupe Lampyre

The main activity of the Troupe Lampyre is the organisation of the festival "Buja Sans Tabou".

This festival explores the topic of freedom of speech and its limits. The troupe’s ambition is to demonstrate that despite the resulting limitations and constraints, artistic creativity remains and develops as a form of resistance.

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The festival aims to be international in it’s approach. Therefore, companies from all over the world are identified and invited to show their artistic interpretation of what "taboo" can be.

With a view to professionalization in addition to performances , workshops led by high-level professionals are offered to the invited companies to explore writing, acting, stage design or even directing.

Programme 2024-2026 : Africalia supports the company in (1) strengthening associative governance and networking of cultural actors, (2) advocacy, (3) professionalization of skills, (4) production of quality cultural and artistic works, (5) wider dissemination of works and finally (6) the ability to generate income.


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