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Nhimbe Trust



Nhimbe Trust based in the city of Bulawayo is an arts education organisation and a leader in cultural policy research, training, advocacy and defending freedom of creative expression.

Nhimbe Trust runs 3 major initiatives supported by Africalia:

Bluez Café: At the beginning of 2017, Nhimbe managed to redeem a new home via a partnership with the Youth Contact Centre. Nhimbe now has a permanent place with rehearsal spaces and a stage in the heart of Bulawayo.

Children in Theatre and Television (CITT): this school provides vocational training in theatre for young people (ages 15-25). It is a weekend school where a group of 30 young people from 6 schools around Bulawayo learn performing arts skills and make theatre in a training programme over 3 years.

Women in Theatre and Television (WITT): this project provides vocational training and resources to emerging women writers, actresses, directors and producers. WITT regularly presents the work of these women and empowers women’s voices on stage. The project takes them to other venues across the country and looks for regional and international opportunities.

Programme 2017-2021: Africalia supports core staff costs and the Bluez Café, CITT and WITT projects.

T : 00263 9 60002 or 00263 9 60019


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Nhimbe Trust Spearheads Arts Advocacy Program In Zimbabwe by Tawanda Mudzonga

High school students excel in Nhimbe Trust theatre programme by Tawanda Mudzonga