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South Africa

South Africa is among the African countries with a strong cultural sector, which benefits from State support and laws governing its functioning. Africalia is active mainly in Johannesburg and Cape Town, working with four cultural operators there (VANSA, PANSA, CDT and the Arterial Network platform) who share its vision of culture as a vector of development. These partners work with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, cultural professionals and other researchers, journalists, etc. These operators are working for the change in attitudes (VANSA, PANSA and CDT) that is essential for the establishment of a more egalitarian society and for a fully developed cultural economy in the country (the Arterial Network).

Arterial Network

The Arterial Network is a dynamic network of individuals, organizations, donors, companies and institutions engaged in the creative and cultural sector throughout the African continent. Read more

CDT – Cultural Development Trust

The Cultural Development Trust (CDT) specialises in capacity building of organisations in Southern Africa, particularly young contemporary dance companies’ choreographers and administrative staff. Read more

PANSA – Performing Arts Network of Southern Africa

PANSA is a network organisation that promotes the interests of performers, members, organisations in the performing arts (dance, music, theatre, musical theatre and opera). Read more

VANSA – Visual Arts Network South Africa

VANSA is a network organization representing the interests of the visual arts sector in South Africa. Read more