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FESFOP (Festival International de Folklore et de Percussion)


Under the name FESFOP, we find the annual Folklore and Percussion Festival but also series of ongoing sociocultural activities. Established in Louga, the association works to: make culture accessible to all inhabitants of the region; strengthen cultural identity; promote cultural exchange, artists and their creations; and finally, the decentralisation of cultural action. FESFOP generates cooperation and partnerships between local collectivities, civil society associations, non-governmental organisations and cultural actors.

Every year, the festival offers a stage to cultural crafts, folklore, social, environmental, tourism, sport activities (traditional wrestling), etc.

FESFOP also runs a number of permanent activities: the Internet radio station; the Percussion Museum; percussion lessons and internships; a botanical garden; cultural and responsible tourism. There are activities organised in the FESFOP village which also provides accommodation and restaurants. These cultural, touristic and economic initiatives contribute to the development of the region of Louga.

Programme 2017-2019: Africalia supports efforts to enhance management of networking, administrative and financial aspects; training courses for cultural actors in Louga; the launching of young cultural entrepreneurs via an incubator and the decentralised dissemination throughout the Louga region.

Tel: 00221 33 967 43 79