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Rwanda Arts Initiative

logo_RAIRwanda Arts Initiative (RAI) is a platform gathering Rwandan artists and aiming at professionalisation of art industry.

Established since 2012, RAI believes that art industry can substantially contribute to socio-economic development of Rwanda as a sector generating wealth through sustainable job creation, economic diversification and cultural value addition.

While reinforcing capacities of local cultural stakeholders following an incubation strategy model and conducting advocacy campaigning activities towards public and private sector decision makers, RAI also invests in strengthening regional cultural industry by partnering with cultural operators in the East African Community (comprised of Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania) and D.R Congo but also establishing south-south cooperation bridges with country such as Burkina Faso.

Programme 2017-2021: Africalia supports efforts to enhance management of networking, administrative and financial aspects; the marketing of goods and cultural services via a digital platform (Jaami Art Bank); provides for cultural actors in Rwanda administrative training courses and advocacy skills so that the government takes in consideration the needs of the sector on the agenda but also technical training courses for the young people.


Tel: 00250 788 858 773