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Rwanda considers the cultural industry an innovative economic sector. The organization of international cultural events (e.g. the Panafrican Dance Festival and the Hillywood Film Festival) and the enactment of the law on the protection of intellectual and artistic property demonstrate the will to embed the arts and their industry in the socio-economic landscape. The market remains, however, poorly developed: the potential of the artistic sector in the economy remains understimulated, the level of professionals feeble and the knowledge of sustainable economic models limited.

Africalia inaugurates its first programme in Rwanda in 2015 and 2016 with two Kigali based partners: Rwanda Arts Initiative (RAI) and Ishyo Arts Center. Their twofold goal is to reinforce artistic and organisational skills of professionals in the sector and to stimulate access and participation in culture for all.

Rwanda Arts Initiative

Rwanda Arts Initiative (RAI) is a Platform gathering Rwandan artists and aiming at professionalization of art industry. RAI organizes many training courses for cultural actors and young people. Read more