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The Ishyo Arts Centre is a platform for artists, entrepreneurs and lovers of the arts. It is the cultural hub of Kigali.

The Centre was founded in 2005 by eight Rwandese women who wanted to restore the position of art and culture at the heart of the social and political life, as well as in the cities and in the hearts and minds of people. The primary goals of this non-governmental organisation are the development and reinforcement of the artistic and logistic potential for the cultural world, the democratisation of culture, stimulating the freedom of creative expression and of cultural diversity in Rwanda and its sub-regions.

Since its foundation, Ishyo promotes Rwandese, African and international contemporary and traditional art by supporting the most innovative artists in the fields of literature, dance, music, comedy, poetry and theatre. The emphasis is on researching different art forms and practices. In addition, the organisation supports the plea for the development of new, cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional collaborations, while also building networks to this end. Finally, Ishyo wishes to actively involve the whole population, without discrimination, in all sorts of activities and cultural projects.

Amongst the numerous projects completed and presided by Ishyo, we find:

  • The 3B Project: the first mobile library in Rwanda
  • Ishyo Arts Centre: first Rwandese space for residences, courses and a regular and diverse artistic programme
  • Kina Festival: the first international performing arts youth festival
  • Espace Madiba: a new libarary, dedicated entirely to African and Caribbean literature offering literary cafés, writing workshops etc.

Programme 2015-2016 : Africalia supports efforts to enhance management of networking, administrative and financial aspects; provide technical training courses for cultural actors in Rwanda ; promote advocacy skills of the platform so that the government takes in consideration the needs of the sector on the agenda.

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