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Africalia partners in Kenya with three organisations.

Creatives Garage works with creatives and supports them gaining access to markets.

Mwelu Foundation and Slum TV are specialising in audiovisual techniques. These partners are located in two of Nairobi’s largest slums: Mathare and Kibera. They focus on training instructors in film-making and photography who can initiate young people in these media (photography, video-stories, documentary and film), enabling them to present their stories of the slums semi-professionally.

Creatives Garage

Creatives Garage is a multi-disciplinary collective space for Creatives to network, share ideas, collaborate, learn, gain market accessibility and push boundaries. Read more


Slum TV is a grassroots media organisation which produces audiovisual material ranging from documentary reports by local reporters to dramas and comedies made by young drama groups. Read more


The Mwelu Foundation is a youth project based in Mathare Valley, an informal settlement in Nairobi. These children and teenagers use photography and film production to document their lives and communicate their challenges – and their hopes – to the wider world. Read more