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What we do

General Program

The purpose of Africalia is to establish and consolidate a positive work environment for African cultural operators. That is why most of the actions undertaken by Africalia are aimed at Africa. They consist of technical and financial support to African organisations in a spirit of partnership.

Technical support: over the years Africalia has acquired significant expertise in the field of cultural cooperation which it provides to its partners helping them design, formulate and implement structured work programmes to achieve measurable and tangible results. The network of experts of Africalia is also mobilised to provide support, training and consulting in legal matters (good governance of the associations), economic matters (marketing plan for cultural goods and services), technical matters (sound, editing, audio-visual editing and so on), artistic matters (training workshops), communication matters (training of cultural journalists) and matters relating to cultural policy (support of advocacy in favour of a status for artists, copyright and national cultural policies).

Financial support: 85% of our budget is allocated to the funding of activities undertaken by our partners in Africa. These funds are used to support the institutional operations of cultural associations (permanent staff, premises, communication, and equipment), the strengthening of their managerial, technical and artistic skills (training, networking, mobility) and the deployment of their activities outside major cities (distribution in the peripheral areas, cultural decentralisation).

Partnership: Africalia sees cooperation as a sustainable commitment to its partners, not as financial support for specific cultural activities (festivals, shows, exhibitions). The partnership is based on in-depth knowledge, accumulated over several years, of the assets, strengths and weaknesses of each partner and on the pooling of resources and expertise in the pursuit of a shared long-term goal.