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Burkina Faso




The Cinéma Numérique Ambulant Afrique (CNA Afrique) – “Travelling Digital Cinema Africa” – is a Pan-African network of organisations that aims at ensuring the broadcasting and distribution of African films on digital media in rural areas. Located in Ouagadougou, the “Capital of African cinema”, the network currently regroups seven national CNA based in Benin, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Togo and Cameroon. CNA Afrique is the result of the combined efforts of national branches in order to reach sustainability in their activities and stimulate the different CNAs. Its core missions are to support technically and financially the national branches, to harmonise policy in regards with the training of employees and the management of film distribution.

The objective of the CNAs is to break “the cinematographic digital divide” by giving access to a cinema of quality to rural populations. This is achieved through the 10×10 villages Tour. This project is set on a more or less long period; a projection team travels across ten villages located between 50 and 150 km around the centre of the city. Each village hosts ten-CNA screenings of ten African films. The screening is followed by activities and debates with the viewers.

Programme 2017-2021: Africalia supports efforts to enhance management of networking, administrative and financial aspects; training of presenters and technicians; and decentralisation through screenings in rural settings in Burkina Faso.


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