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Burkina Faso



The Cartel Federation is a joint management and administrative network established by five Burkinabe theatre companies: Falinga Company, Théâtre Evasion, Théâtre Éclair, Association Grâce Théâtre du Burkina and Comagnie du Fil. For years, these companies have developed joint projects. This created a growing need to centralised administrative, monitoring and management tasks.

The Cartel initiated several major activities with a tangible economic impact in rural and urban areas. Among which: the Nuits Internationales de la Plaisanterie, the Festival Jeune Public and most importantly the Récréâtrales. The latter are Pan-African residencies for writing, creation and performing arts training organised by the five companies that constitute Cartel.

Programme 2017-2021: Africalia supports efforts to enhance management of networking, administrative and financial aspects; training courses for the various jobs in this sector; the marketing of productions by supporting the Cartel’s high-profile activities.


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