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Afrika Filmfestival (AFF)

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The Africa Filmfestival (AFF) aims to introduce a large and diverse public to high-quality, distinctive and socially relevant films from and about Africa and its diasporas. Using the artistic resources that films have to offer, AFF is interested in both the development of this art and its role in society. It sees film as a means of strengthening ties between cultures and people and of broadening cultural horizons and as a basis for social development. Film enables people to form more nuanced views and encounter different ways of living and thinking. Through the promotion of African films, AFF also contributes to the development of the audiovisual sector in African countries.

As part of the partnership with Africalia and its Global Citizenship Education programme, AFF and Africalia work together on the Humanising Culture, Art and Media conference. One of AFF’s characteristics is its critical approach towards the image of Africa and its inhabitants with regard to culture, art and media. AFF aims to dismantle the cultural (and political) stereotypes and clichés which result from an ‘us and them’ mentality.

Lastly, AFF will also organise film and documentary screenings through their activities DocAfrika and Afrika thuis in je wijk, throughout the year in Flanders. Each session will be followed by discussions.

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© Stefaan Cordier