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Belgium Programme – Global Citizenship Education

Africalia’s Belgium programme aims to support new cultural dynamics and to encourage our societies to adapt to the cultural diversity that defines our relationship with the world today.

While Africalia mainly operates on the African continent, this programme is an opportunity to create a direct link with the activities carried out by our partners in Africa. It highlights the notion in Belgium that culture builds bridges which can transcend borders and prejudices, and that here as elsewhere, creativity provides fertile ground for imagination, liberation, empowerment and the reinvention of our societies.

Our programme comprises two pillars:

1. Partnership with cultural organisations in Belgium

Africalia is committed to a five-year partnership with seven Belgian cultural operators:
Atelier Graphoui, Afrika Filmfestival (AFF), Festival International du Film Francophone (FIFF), Halles de Schaerbeek, Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg (KVS), Vooruit and Wiels.

We aim to use some of the activities carried out by our partners to make the Belgian cultural sector and its audiences more aware of contemporary African creativity.

Africalia’s contribution aims to boost and provide input for Belgian cultural operators’ programmes and collaborative practices by bringing different aesthetic approaches before them that will enable them to reflect critically on the inequalities resulting from a stereotypical, standardised Western view of the world, and to challenge implicit ideological values and deconstruct them more effectively with their audiences.

2. Distribution of Global Citizenship Education tools and Africalia productions

Three calls for tenders will be launched over the five years of the programme in order to select artistic proposals (films, books, exhibitions, performances, etc.) which deal innovatively with a specific topic related to Global Citizenship Education.

These tools will be used in conjunction with output by Africalia (photo book, documentaries, short film DVDs).

These works will serve as educational tools; but as works of artistic creativity, they will be perceived by the public as different from ‘conventional’ tools for communication, education or awareness raising.