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Afrika Filmfestival – DOCAFRIKA “Somebody Clap for Me”

DocAfrika screens a high-quality documentary every month, followed by a debate. Its aim is to introduce the many strong documentaries from and about Africa which cannot be screened during the Afrika Filmfestival to the widest audience possible. With the support of Africalia, high-quality documentaries will be purchased to maximise the dissemination of socially relevant images from and about Africa.


Next screening: Somebody Clap for Me

Luciana Ceccatto Farah (Uganda, 2016, 74 min. Sopken: English/Luganda. Subtitles: English.)

9 January 2018 at 8:oo PM at Cinema ZED (Leuven), in the presence of the filmmaker Luciana Ceccatto Farah.

Young contemporary poets of Kampala share their personal and communal journeys and tell these stories through their poems: what it is like to be young in Kampala, how they rediscover the oral tradition and make it relevant to their reality, how they deal with the perception the rest of the world has of them and how they perceive themselves. Kampala, the cruel muse, challenges and inspires them. In turn, they challenge the history that was taught to them as well as the government that steals from them, and the churches that keep their sovereignty an elusive dream. Together – and in rhyme – they speak out ‘their’ truth about taboos concerning their recent history, and they appropriate the tradition of storytelling that is key to their identity.


Practical info

Date: 9 January 2018, at 8:00 PM
Location: Cinema ZED, Vesaliusstraat 9c, 3000 Leuven
Tickets: €8,5/screening (€7 reduction rate)
€ 20/ 6 screenings (DocAfrika subscription October 2017 – March 2018)



DocAfrika is an initiative of Afrika Filmfestival, in partnership with Africalia and Cinema ZED.





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