Expo Teddy Mazina - 14/09 > 6/11/2015, BTC, Brussels

BTC hosts in their lobby the exhibition by Burundian photographer Teddy Mazina. It will be open from Monday 14th of September until Friday 6th of November 2015.

This exhibition presents 12 large format photos, a selection from the book Des tambours sur l’oreille d’un sourd / Burundi.


When he returned after many years of political exile in Belgium, Teddy Mazina decided to engage as a photographer with the democratic debate in Burundi. His photographs, which are always in black and white and combine simplicity with artistic excellence, have become an extraordinary archive of sociopolitical life in his country. Teddy is a memory activist: through this exhibition he offers us images which are sometimes poignant and sometimes festive but above all shed light on the Burundi of today, still convalescing as it stands poised between hope and disappointment.

‘‘Elections have always had this magical ability to change everything in the life of a people. Their hopes, their most visceral fears, their horrors and their most devastating beauties. Even their lyricism.

Through his photographs, Teddy Mazina bears witness to all this, presenting us with a rare and vital source of impartial evidence. Burundi is so often caught up in its race through and towards history that it rarely has time to look at itself.

This photographic work therefore holds up a mirror to allow this little country with its centuries-old history, this heart of Africa that is so dense, so lively and so complex, with its thousands of shades of green, to see and contemplate itself in its own nakedness, in a most intimate way. But also to see itself with perfect clarity. […]’’ Extract from the text of Ketty Nivyabandi.


A welcome drink will be offered on Thursday the 17th of September from 16:30 till 18:30. The number of places is limited, please confirm your presence to: audrey.brisack [@] africalia.be

Dates: 14 September – 6 November 2015
Opening hours: Monday - Friday, 10:00 -16:00
Address : BTC, rue Haute 147 Hoogstraat, 1000 Brussels

Free entrance!