The laureats of the call for propositions 2022

Education for Global citizenship and solidarity


Call for propositions 2022 : the selected proposals.

The veil has finally been lifted on the projects selected for the Africalia 2022 call for proposals.

We want to thank all the artists and cultural operators who submitted their projects for this call for propositions.

As a reminder, the theme of the call focused on transmission as a legacy. Beyond the artistic purpose of the projects, they are intended to be tools to support education for global citizenship and solidarity, an essential component of the Belgian programme . We received 43 projects submitted to a jury of experts.

Discover the selected projects:

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"50 portraits, 50 stories of transmission" by the association artfusion, Cécile Quenum, Nicole Letuppe and Ukeye

This project reflects on the legacy, memory and identity of 50 Belgians born and raised in a post-colonial context, whose parents and grandparents were born and lived in Africa and from whom they inherited rituals, songs, images and memories. The project will also involve two secondary schools, where the project will be explained to the students, who will then ask 50 questions to which the 50 people photographed will respond. This will lead to the creation of a mobile interactive mural of the 50 photos of these Belgians, each of which will be equipped with a QR code that will allow passers-by to find out the name, story, answer to 1 question and an element of the heritage (song, story) of each character. The jury particularly appreciated the innovative process of this project at the crossroads of art and education.

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«Oku : mettre en lumière nos lumières » from Collectif Mémoire Coloniale et Lutte contre les Discriminations, Florence Akyams, Agnes Kena et les Amis du Collectif Mémoire Coloniale et Lutte contre les Discriminations

This photo exhibition project highlights the African women who fought and resisted before us for their freedom and emancipation, as well as those of the African continent who are today shedding light on our struggle on International African Women’s Day. This project convinced the jury with its approach to transmission, both intergenerational and intercontinental.

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« Richesse générationnelle » podcast production by CLNK

This podcast project will bring to little-known light accounts of the lives of first-generation Afrodescendants to reveal stories that highlight this population and give our elders a voice while confronting them with the following generations. The jury was convinced by this project, whose theme is perfectly in line with the theme of the call and which, through its existence, will become an invaluable source of archives and, therefore, of heritage!

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« Koko, raconte-nous ! » by le Manguier en Fleurs

This performance project will highlight the portraits of 12 women over 70 years old born in the Congo. The aim is to put these women at the centre of the artistic creation and to make them the main and not the accessory actors of the transmission through the innovative combination of the arts of Kàsàlà and multidisciplinary theatre: speech, song, music, dance and scenography. The participatory methodology of this project convinced our jury.

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« Nos errances » by Rumbacom production

This film will follow Sorana Munsya, a Belgian-Congolese psychologist and curator, as she investigates the impressive career of the philologist, ethnolinguist, symbolist and researcher in the fundamental languages and cultures of Black Africa, Clémentine Faïk-Nzuji. She will place this tutelary figure alongside three other female characters, each representing a part of the researcher’s history: Véronique Clette-Gakuba, a social science researcher; Annie Makombo, who works as a nurse in the care and family sectors, and Emmanuelle Nsunda, a decolonial activist. The jury appreciated that this project dares to rethink the concept of ancestry and heritage while highlighting the important work of Clémentine Faïk-Nzuji.

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"Cultural heritages of Sub-Saharan Africa in the service of LGBTQIA+ youth" by CIPROC

This audiovisual project aims to put an end to the opposition between "African cultures" and LGBTQIA+ identities by giving young people from the diaspora the opportunity to explore their heritage, to (re)appropriate it, to transform it and to transmit it in the form of audiovisual and poetic artistic works. The jury appreciated the subject matter of this project, young LGBTQIA+ Afro-descendants, and the decolonial approach of the project.

Members of the jury

Kopano Maroga, Viernulvier
Arshia Azmat, Graphic Designer, Researcher, Cultural Coordinator, Storyteller
Junior Akwety, actor, singer and writer.
Guido Convents, AFF
Marie-Reine Iyumva, MRAC
Celestina Jorge Vindes, Pépite Blues