Training for entrepreneurs in the cultural and creative industries in Burkina Faso

Africalia, in cooperation with the Royal Embassy of Denmark in Burkina Faso, is convinced of the huge potential of creative industries in Burkina Faso to create employment and economic growth both locally and nationally. In October 2017 they therefore launched a pilot programme entitled B-FASO CREATIVE. Through an intensive training course, the aim of this programme is to improve the cultural entrepreneurship skills of entrepreneurs in Cultural and Creative Industries in Burkina Faso.

The participants of the B-FASO Creative training:

1. Grégoire Kaboré – ISCAM- institut Supérieur du Cinéma, de l’Audiovisuel, du Multimédia et de la Musique
2. Benjamin L. Kombelemsigri – Binjikom Style
3. Nacanabo Mahamoudou – Astus Conseils
4. Mamounata Nikiéma – Pilumpiku Production
5. Bogodo Etienne Benjamin Ouédraogo – Institut pour le développement, l’éducation, la culture et la communication (IDECC)
6. Clovis Koyanyandé Ouédraogo – Musik Univers
7. Serge Dimitri Pitroipa – Pit Production
8. Yannick G. Sankara – Afriyelba
9. Jérôme Stanislas Sanou - Association «wu nyingué» Centre culturel sénoufo René Fournier
10. Sékou Oumar Sidibé alias Inspecteur Rock – Nafadou
11. Moumouni Sodre – Diam Production
12. Yaya Sourabié – Faso Films
13. Honoré Mannsomdé Yaméogo – Onezik
14. Toussaint Zongo – Association des producteurs Burkinabè pour la Gestion du fonds de Soutien Succès cinéma Burkina faso

At the end of the three months, those who have attended the training will:

· Be able to draw up a business plan;
· Have a clear and precise understanding of current legal and tax issues;
· Be familiar with different types of innovative financing in the CCI sector;
· Be able to take advantage of information and communication technology tools and the various marketing techniques used on digital media and channels;
· Have benefited from the support of mentors with international expertise.

The training course was delivered over three months and divided into three separate and complementary phases:

· An online training via www.africalia.net
· Support from mentors and trainers with international expertise during two residential workshops in Ouagadougou and Koudougou of one week each.
· An evaluation session on January 24th, 2018 in Ouagadougou.

The closing ceremony of the B-Faso Creative programme

B-FASO Creative cloture
Credits Warren Saré

During this evening, 6 entrepreneurs presented their project to a jury of 5 people chaired by Michel Saba, director of the CERAV and an audience of journalists but also of cultural and private operators. The jury awarded three entrepreneurs who each received:

Find more information on the B-Faso programme in the following booklet: