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Request for sponsors

For more than three years now Africalia has structured its activities in three-year programmes (which are presented according to the strategic planning method, with a logical framework etc.) based on the priorities of the Belgian Directorate-General for Cooperation: i.e. Development. This will continue over the current three-year period (2012-2014).

The “modus operandi” in the past involved reviewing and selecting artistic projects that had been produced on a short-term basis. This approach has now given way to a more structural perspective, with predefined programmes and only three predetermined local cultural partners, working over a period of three years. These programmes cannot be altered during the implementation period and their aim is “to improve the conditions under which African works are produced, disseminated and distributed”.

A limited number of partner countries have been selected and a programme has been developed with each one. These countries are: South Africa, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal and Zimbabwe. No more than three cultural structures (mostly platforms and networks) have been selected in each of these countries.

The grant from Africalia forms part of the so-called “programme-linked” funds and is based on a result-oriented approach that has been endorsed by some twenty of our partners in the South.