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Africalia Productions [DoKu] is a collection of documentaries each of which offers an African filmmaker’s view on the artists and on the creative, aesthetic and innovative trends, that are making waves in Africa today and fostering positive identities.

- Sur les traces du Bembeya Jazz by Abdoulaye Diallo (Burkina, 52’, 2007), a Semfilms co-production
- Zwelidumile by Ramadan Suleman (South Africa, 60’, 2008), a Native At large Ltd co-production
- Mavambu by Rosine Mbakam and Mirko Popovitch (Cameroon-Belgium, 26’, 2011), a Kabola films (RDC) co-production
- Yandé Codou, la griotte de Senghor by Angèle Diabang Brener (Senegal 52’, 2008), a Karoninka co-production



A selection of African short films
Afrique tous courts - A selection of 10 African short films
Afrique tous courts – East African Shorts - A selection of 13 African short films



This collection, entitled Africalia Editions Photo, has the ambition to fill a void by unveiling the oeuvre of contemporary photographers from Africa.
- Congo Eza – photographers from the DRC
- Saïdou Dicko – Le voleur d’ombres
- Aïda Muluneh – Ethiopia: past/forward
- Grassroots upgraded – reflections on Nairobi Eastlands




 - Rwanda Energy/Energie – Ivan Twagirashema & Lode Van Pee
- Théâtre congolais contemporain – David Minor Ilunga-Célestin Kasongo-Jonathan Kombe
- Jump THEATRE – How to make a play by Kevin Hanssen
- Comprendre et pratiquer la sonorisation de spectacle
- Congo50 – Comic magazine