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Chimanimani Arts Festival

The festival is a two-day event held in the grren village of Chimanimani, is free and is attended by large crowds up to 7000 people per day. It attracts audiences mainly from the Manicaland Province, which includes the Chimanimani District.

The annual Arts Festival creates a chance for everyone to participate culturally, and makes positive and needed contributions to the uplifting of spirits and the economy of the rural community. The event provides a platform for community based arts and crafts as well as exposing the audience to a wider scope of arts and crafts from outside the district. The festival also provides an opportunity for the local community to sell their arts, crafts, home produce and prepared food.

The success of the past six festivals has contributed towards peace and unity within the district. The festival has always created an atmosphere of peaceful togetherness in the midst of political conflict and economic hardships. The appreciation of these joyful events gave evidence that such moments, shared by crowds of great numbers, are rare in our country. The Chimanimani Arts Festival is the only one of its kind that has brought famous and popular artists together with local talent in a rural community setting.