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SMAAKLIK, a South-African public artwork in Ghent

In partnership between Africalia (www.africalia.be) and the City of Ghent, South African artist ISMAIL FAROUK conceived a public artwork called SMAAKLIK.

For the past 4 years, Africalia and the city of Ghent (in particular their North-South Solidarity Department and Cultural Participation Department) have been working with South African visual artist and urban geographer Ismail Farouk (www.ismailfarouk.com) to realize a permanent public artwork in the neighbourhood of Ledeberg in Ghent.

The artist visited the town 3 times for a month over the past couple of years and worked closely with organizations and individuals of that neighbourhood. He designed a most interesting artwork, which has now been temporarily installed on the playground of a local primary school (Jenaplan De Kleurdoos), and will find its final home in the park of the Central Square of Ledeberg (a suburb of Ghent with a very diverse social mix of inhabitants).

While this artwork sits on the playground of the school (for most of the year 2013/2014 most likely, after which it will move to the Centrumplein in Ledeberg), we are organizing a series of activities with the school. On December 21st 2012 we had a first full day of activities to celebrate the artwork and the school has proven a keen partner in this project and sees it fit beautifully in their pedagogical project. Africalia and the city of Ghent are hopeful to develop a few further activities around this artwork with the school in the very near future. To be continued.

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