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“Collection DoKu” – Africalia Productions
Initiated by Mirko Popovitch

- “Sur les traces du Bembeya Jazz” by Abdoulaye Diallo (Burkina, 52’, 2007), a Semfilms co-production

- Yandé Codou, la griotte de Senghor by Angèle Diabang Brener (Senegal 52’, 2008), a Karoninka co-production

- Zwelidumile by Ramadan Suleman (South Africa, 60’, 2008), a Native At large Ltd co-production

- Mavambuby Rosine Mbakam and Mirko Popovitch (Cameroon-Belgium, 26’, 2011), a Kabola films (RDC) co-production

Africalia Productions [DoKu] is a collection of documentaries each of which offers an African filmmaker’s view on the artists and creative, aesthetic and innovative trends that are making waves in Africa today and fostering positive identities. These documentaries serve as reference points for the younger generations and constitute a major challenge which plays a crucial and highly meaningful role at the heart of the global village.

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